Volcano Relief


This past week, we met with Irma (our fabulous tailor) to check in after our trip and to go over orders and plans for Casa Flor. We asked about her family and she told us about her cousins who were effected by the volcano.

They were living in San Miguel Los Lotes (https://wapo.st/2sOqnhC) which was one of the towns completely wiped out from the eruption. 11 family members made it out alive and 9 are living with Irma's Aunt in Cuidad Vieja, just 4 blocks from Irma's house.

Here are the 9 family members living with the 2 abuelos (Irma's Aunt + Uncle), the other two family members are currently in Guatemala City.

Joaquína (80 years) & Eustaquio (82 years) 
Their daughter: 
Cristina (53 years) Cristina was badly burned on her arms and legs by lava and is currently in a private hospital in Guatemala city. She lost her husband and two of her children in the eruption.
Cristina has 4 living children:
- Rudy (28 years)- Rudy is currently with his mom in the City, taking care of her while she's in the hospital.
- Norma (33 years)- Norma lost her two children in the eruption
- Magaly (20 years)- Magaly has a husband and 3 children (4 year old, 2 year old and 2 months old)
- Dina (31 years)- Dina has 2 children (11 year old, 14 year old)

On Saturday, we went to Walmart and bought the essentials (outlined below) but when we dropped off the supplies, we saw that it barely scratched the surface of their needs. As we talked with the family members, Irma’s sister, Alicia, beautifully said, “right now we’re hurting, but we’re here for each other and we’re not alone.” 

When we met the family on Saturday we asked what their most most immediate needs were and we've outline the items below:

newsletter lists-02.jpg

These are just the basics for the family, so that they can begin to heal and adjust to their new circumstance. Averie and I (Rachel) are extremely dedicated to this family. We are working on connecting them to local resources for jobs, rebuilding and long term solutions. But in the meantime we need your help to meet their needs and support them in any way possible.

If you feel moved to help, any donation is absolutely appreciated and every donation will go directly to the family.

You can donate via Paypal here: 

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