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Textile Development

Footloom weaving

The process of footloom weaving was brought to Guatemala through Spanish colonization and uses a wooden loom to create large quantities of fabric. Footloom provides opportunities to weave faster, create thinner fabric and wider format for a variety of products.. Casa Flor partners with three footloom communities located in Chimaltenango, Quezaltenango and Solola.

backstrap weaving

Backstrap weaving a is pre-colonial indigenous weaving technique where the loom is created with an apparatus that is connected to the weaver’s body and a stable structure (ex- tree, wall, door etc). The weaver’s body creates the tension as they weave and the width of the garment is limited to length of the weaver’s arms. Backstrap weaving is ideal for smaller accessories and homegoods.

Other surface techniques we can source:

  • Hand Embroidery

  • Variety of dye techniques

  • Natural Dyes

  • Screenprinting


Product Development

We specialize in design and production of textile-based accessories, homegoods and women’s clothing.

Our speciality is in creating handmade textile-based products. Guatemala artistry has immense capacity to create unique, one of a kind, quality designs for your everyday life. Need ideas for product ideas? Send us an email and we can send you catalogs and examples of past product types.

Our first love will always be clothing. We are currently expanding our clothing production with more seamstresses. If you are interested in creating clothing, please note that longer lead times may occur.

Companies we produce for:

  • Tribe Alive, clothing and home goods

  • Trove, clothing and home goods

  • Ethnotek, fabric by the yard

  • Regan Billingsingly Designs, home goods

  • Momento Goods, home good samples

  • Bolsita Bags, yoga bags



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