Woven Throw Pillow

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_MG_0950 (1).jpg

Woven Throw Pillow


These throw pillows are created using thin fabric scraps and woven on a footloom.

Dimensions: 16x16 inches
Flat back with 100% canvas cotton
Offered in 2 colors: Cream or Cream + Grey
Woven by: Lidia, Comalapa
Sewn by: Creamos

Please Note for the Holidays:
- December 5th
is the last day to purchase products that you want to arrive December 25th.
- All purchases made between now and December 5th will be shipped out December 11th and guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays.
** This is to ensure optimal time for our artisans during the busiest time of the year!
- So be sure to put the shipping address to where you will be for the holidays!

Special thanks to Tribe Alive for donating their scraps.

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