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At Casa Flor, our goal is to create sustainable employment for artisans and makers who work from their homes. Through coordinating production we provide step by step guidance for the maker and the client to create handmade sustainable goods. WITH our client partnerships we hope to provide more work for seamstresses, weavers, dyers and embroiders in Guatemala.



Women. We work with mostly women, because we believe that when women are sustainably employed they lift their families, communities and local economies.

Wages. We pay a dignified wage to every person who contributes to the construction of your product. Depending on the complexity of the project, we pay from 11.45 Quetzales (Guatemalan minimum wage) up to 15 Quetzales an hour. Additionally --for large orders-- we pay each maker 50% up front to cover the costs of materials. In the interest of the makers themselves, confirmation of payment is agreed upon before production begins. 

Textiles. Our motto is:collaboration over appropriation. Let us be clear: we NEVER incorporate "used” or “vintage" Guatemalan textiles. These so-called “vintage” textiles eliminate employment opportunities for Guatemalan women and appropriate indigenous Maya culture. Each Casa Flor product is custom designed and hand-crafted by the weavers we collaborate with. The new work opportunities provided by Casa Flor (and you) create sustainable income for the talented weavers of Guatemala. 

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Guatemala is a beautiful lush country scattered with colorful doorways, humbling volcanoes, sparkling lagoons, and teeming with rich culture. However, as a result of weak state institutions and corruption, Guatemala is also one of the most impoverished countries in Latin America where over half of the population lives in poverty. Our goal is to create a lasting change by providing both consistent work opportunities and sustainable wages to gifted artisans across the country. 

Because our motto is collaboration over appropriation, we never use or source “vintage” or “used” textiles. Sourcing “vintage” or “used” textiles is not the most sustainable way to employ artisans and appropriates culture. In the U.S., recycling and repurposing clothing is an intentional way to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce the carbon footprint. However, huipiles--- traditional Guatemalan blouses and textiles-- possess significant cultural value and are often passed down for generations. Culturally and personally significant, these huipiles are immensely valuable. Unfortunately, some families may sell their huipiles for sustenance and/or to provide for their families. While many brands choose to source “used” huipiles, Casa Flor honors the huipile creation process as a cultural symbol and chooses to collaborate with artisans to create fresh designs and custom textiles. This is the most impactful and sustainable way to support the artisan culture in Guatemala. 

By enacting these processes, we hope to re-define fashion, and motivate others in the industry to implement their own sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the culture.


THE Clients

Headquartered in Antigua, Guatemala, our proximity to the makers we partner with, allows us to create impactful relationships and trusted communication.

We only produce for like-minded brands who want to impact change and embody ethical hand-made fashion. You can expect professional communication and timely deliveries of high quality products that are hand-crafted with love.


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