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The way our clothes are made is just as important as the final product. Read below to learn more about our process, the people who make our clothes, and the bad-ass women who wear them. 

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We pay a dignified wage to every person who contributes to the construction of your garment. Depending on the complexity of job we pay from 8.79 Quetzales (Guatemalan minimum wage) to 15 Quetzales an hour. Additionally, we pay 50% upfront to cover the costs of materials which protects the makers for large orders. For the interest of the makers, confirmation of payment is agreed upon before production. 

Custom Textile Design. Let us be clear, we NEVER use "used/vintage" Guatemalan textiles. We design custom designs and collaborate with the weavers to create them. Our goal is to provide new work to create sustainable income for the talented weavers in Guatemala. 

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In Guatemala we witness first hand the pollution of textile waste from the United States. The Guatemala City dump is the largest in Central America, spanning over 60 acres.

In an effort to reduce textile waste, we have implemented a made to order production system. Which means that the fabric used to produce your garment is not cut until it is paid for. This system reduces waste and protects the makers.

We also donate our scraps to the Creamos sewing program by the Guatemala City Dump. These scraps are used in the training program as well as in products sold in their store.



Honoring 'Every Body'. One thing that really ruffles our feathers in the fashion industry is the concept that there is only one type of beauty.

Every body is different and unique and should be honored accordingly. Our offered sizes range from XS-XXL with different length options: Petite, Regular, Tall.

Custom sizing is also available, so if you don't see your size- email us. We'd be honored to make you a garment that fits perfectly. Please read here for more information on sizing and custom fit.