We want you to feel good in your clothes.

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Fast Fashion says:
Buy cheap clothing that doesn’t fit or last so you will buy more.

We say:
Invest in quality clothing and feel good about your body.

It is time to erase these statements from our vocabulary:
"I'm too... tall, short, curvy, straight, wide, narrow, hippy, flat-chested, broad shouldered, hour-glass, too heavy..."

We’ll let you on a fast fashion industry secret…..
The problem is the poorly constructed clothes…. NOT your body…..


So friend... Stop punishing yourself.
 We are here to help you find your perfect fit.
Let's get started!



We celebrate “every body” and we want to make sure your garment fits perfectly! Please follow our measurement guide below and refer to our size chart to order the best size for you.

Take your measurements only wearing your undergarments.

Bust: Stand up straight and start with bringing the measuring tape around your back where your bra strap sits to the front widest part of your bust. Take a small inhale and mark the measurement (this helps take the fullest measurement of your bust!)

Waist: Bring the measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist and mark measurement. 

Hips: Stand with your feet together and bring the measuring tape around your bottom to meet in the front. Mark the widest part of your hips. Sometimes you need to move up or down an inch to find the widest part. 


Any additional questions? Interested in custom fit?

We understand finding your perfect fit can be tricky.
Send us a note and we will help you find your size or customize your garment!

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